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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Alden, an Alabama-bred girl living in Austin, Texas with my husband and two rescue dogs. I’m excited to share my ever-evolving journey towards greater health, a deeper relationship with God, and creating a welcoming & fun home. 

After my relationship with God,  my life centers around 10 key activities in no particular order – aside from the food-related, which obviously meet a primal need:

  • Knitting & DIYing everything 
  • Cooking gluten-free, husband-friendly food
  • Spending time (online, in person, or via phone) with family & friends
  • Reading constantly
  • Researching obsessively… All topics considered (especially tech-geekery)
  • Saving moolah and maximizing our Dave Ramsey-style budget
  • Acting as my husband’s PA & keeping the house in (some degree of) order
  • Tending to our 2 dogs, Rosie & Ruger
  • Writing, editing, & consulting as a freelancer
  • Daydreaming, coloring, & sky-gazing

This blog will attempt to capture some of the more helpful tips, tricks and wife hacks I’ve picked up along the way, impart some hard-won wisdom from my obsessive research tendencies, and share my always gluten-free, mostly Whole30-friendly recipes. I’ll also toss in some reviews of books, places, & restaurants and maybe even curate my tales of adventure.

Thanks for visiting Alden’s Apron!




P.S. for more on why I’ve started blogging, read Confession Part 1 and Confession Part 2

Hey y’all!
My guiding verse for this blog is 1 Timothy 4: 4-16