It’s Winter, Are You OK?

Winter is the easiest time of year to get sick – we spend more time indoors, breathing recirculated air in buildings, the flu is on the rampage, it’s cold (sometimes) and it’s tempting to only eat comfort foods and hibernate.

No one wants to feel run down, constantly battling a cold or runny nose, get achy and have a general malaise. If you have any of these issues (as I do every winter), the following three actions can help.

Cute Winter Dog
Don’t get SAD, get glad!
  1. Take Vitamin D: even if you think you get enough via sunlight and diet, you probably don’t. If you’re worried at all about it, a simple blood test can tell you your level, and just because it is in the “normal” range, doesn’t mean it’s high enough. Normal is for everyone else – you’re extraordinary and want to live an extraordinarily healthy life, so go get a bottle of 5,000mg Vitamin D capsules, take one every morning for a month, and see how you feel. 
    • Bonus: Your hair and nails will be insanely strong and fast-growing the longer you keep this up. My hair grew something crazy like 8+ inches in a year after I started my regimen.
  2. Take Vitamin C: not those gummy chewies, not the drinks, but real deal Vitamin C swallowable pills. The advice I was given that has prevented Brian and me from getting sick this winter (from things that aren’t allergies – can’t vitamin those away… yet) is to start with 500mg on day 1. On day 2, increase to 1000mg, then increase in 500mg increments each day until it makes your stomach hurt. The next day, back off by one (for reference, I take 1500mg/day and Brian takes 2000mg, so I took 2000mg on day 4, tummy hurt, so I backed off to 1500mg on day 5 and continue with that now!) Click for more info.
    • Bonus: The antioxidant Vitamin C will make your skin radiant and help kill cancer-causing free radicals in your body.
  3. Use a Happy Light: What’s a happy light? It’s a special lamp that emits light in a spectrum that simulates the sun (the main two types are by Verilux and Philips). Use it to defeat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), boost your Vitamin D intake, regulate your sleep (you have sleep issues don’t you? if not, I’m supremely jealous, cause I have them like whoa), and make mornings brighter, easier, and more natural. Mayo Clinic agrees.
    • Bonus: I got mine on major discount at Tuesday Morning. Plus, it helps more than just SAD too: click here to read!

Bonus Round… Drink Immunity Tea

Health guru Kimberly Snyder (she’s the original green smoothie evangelist and her book, The Beauty Detox Solution, changed my method of eating and my approach to food in general), has a great Immunity Tea recipe. It works! Get the recipe and step-by-step instructions on her website.



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