Dogs: A Lesson In Unconditional Love

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I just had a moment with my two dogs, Rosie & Ruger, and I was overwhelmed by their capacity to love me, each other, and my husband, who is the center of their entire world (it’s actually scary intense how obsessed they are with him – and cute!). I think all pups love their people beyond words, and I also think rescue dogs (like ours) end up with an even deeper love – we’re their heroes! Opinions vary on the spiritual state of pets, but regardless of where you stand, it’s hard to deny that we can all learn a lot from dogs when it comes to giving unconditional love. 

Two Dog Love
Rosie & Ruger: true BFF love!

It’s always been hard for me to fully accept and understand just how much God loves each of us. Even me – little ol’ tiny grain of sand in a massive world me. I can totally accept that He loves you – I love you, so why wouldn’t He love you one hundred times more? This has become a stumbling block for me when I want to grow my faith and be able to actually live in the perfect peace of Christ Jesus. If I can’t accept the love, how can I accept the peace? 

I like the power of this version from The Message

So, when I have moments of feeling absolutely adored beyond all others by my pups, I get a glimpse, a momentary peak, at how God sees you, and me, and everyone on this earth. And I feel like I’m sitting on a beach, feeling that glorious sunshine on my skin, flooded with Vitamin-D induced happiness. Then I’m back in the house, full of gratitude and awe, and ready to face the rest of the day.  

Full Power Verse [To Remember That God Loves You & Is For You] – Romans 8:28-39