My Favorite Whole30 Resources & A Bonus Gift!


If you haven’t checked it out already, take a peek at my Whole30 page – it’s full of links that can help you on your Whole30 journey. 

I wanted to share a few of my absolute must-use resources and recipes for a successful and fun (and hopefully not too painful) Whole30 experience! Also: you can do it! The first week is tough, but after that, you can totally make it!


Best Whole30-Friendly Cookbooks 

 I love using real, printed, cookbooks in the kitchen. Plus, in the event of zombie apocalypse, I’ll still be able to whip up some delightful food. 

  1. The Whole30: 30 Day Guide To Total Health & Food Freedom  by Melissa Hartwig
  2. Food for Humans  by Michelle Tam, aka NomNomPaleo
  3. The America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbookby America’s Test Kitchen (note: not everything is Whole30-friendly, but learning and using all the basic and advanced techniques, especially for meat, poultry, and fish, will make your meals more satisfying and you’ll feel like the cooking champion you are!)

Best Whole30 Recipes/Cooking Gear

  1. NomNomPaleo’s homemade mayo – you can’t beat it, and it is so, so good! Watch a video tutorial
  2. Anything from this Food & Wine 30 Awesome Whole30 Recipes list
  3. NomNomPaleo’s Kalua Pig – it really is amazing. Slow Cooker Recipe or Pressure Cooker Recipe
  4.  Instant Pot – I’ll review mine soon, but an Instant Pot is the single best piece of equipment you can have in your kitchen. It makes cooking a breeze, insanely fast, and keeps any cooking smells (like from bone broth) out of your house! Get yours here!
  5. Hip Pressure Cooking’s One Pot Roast Beef – actually anything from Hip Pressure Cooking is excellent, and even includes conversions between types of pressure cookers! It’s a goldmine, y’all.
  6. NomNomPaleo’s Crispy Potatoes – ultimate Whole30 indulgence. And don’t skip the lemon juice – it’s great. Also, I use dried parsley and it’s yummy (for when you don’t have fresh)

Huge Bonus Gift from Alden’s Apron

And, just for you lovely blog readers, here’s a downloadable grocery list with tips & tricks from my Whole30 journey! I hope it helps you a bit! Click on this link to get the PDF: Alden’s Apron Whole30 Checklist